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Realtor® Edmonton, AB – Professional & Personal I have an authentic understanding that buying and selling is an investment – personally, emotionally and financially. Having Real life experience with Real Estate relocating from NY & putting roots down in Edmonton, the City I grew up in. From moving numerous times across North America, owning multi types of personal and investment properties, selling, buying, building, renovating and designing homes illustrates my true passion and experience, this strength allows me to stand out in this industry. Valuing customer service and honesty, I aim to build relationships, guide and support each client in achieving an outcome that works and coincides with their individual Real Estate Needs

“I value customer service and honesty, aiming to build lasting relationships.
Supporting and educating each client in achieving an outcome that is DESIGNED to work and coincide with their individual Real Estate Needs”


Why work with a Realtor® that has Design Experience:

Several Advantages:

Better understanding of property potential: A realtor with design experience can help you see the potential in a property that may not be immediately apparent.

They can suggest changes or improvements that can make a property more attractive, functional, and valuable.

Enhanced marketing: A realtor with design experience can also help with staging a property for sale. They can provide advice on how to showcase the property in the best possible light, from selecting paint colours to rearranging furniture, too highlighting the unique features of a home.

Time-saving: If you are looking to buy a property, a realtor with design experience can save you time by filtering properties that meet your design preferences and requirements, rather than having to view properties that you would not be interested in.

Cost savings: A realtor with design experience can provide advice on cost-effective upgrades and renovations that can add value to a property, while avoiding costly mistakes that can occur when renovations are done without professional input.

Also understanding the process of construction or renovations giving my clients advice and realistic expectations according to their budget or timeline. In addition knowledge of building materials and their cost is another upside and can be advantageous in negotiations.

Have you ever heard – Yes it should be simple to throw up a couple walls to make another bedroom? Real life – isn’t HGTV (this requires more than drywall- lets think demo, electrical, HVAC, flooring, building codes etc.)

My goal in this industry is not to FOCUS on MY transactions but on my CLIENTS NEEDS – Helping people purchase or sell; offering a personal, direct and honest approach that is unique and valuable.


I can help you set a listing price that will attract offers, while getting you a fair price.



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Sheena exceeded our expectations for a realtor, and we are very grateful to have had her expertise when purchasing our house in Edmonton. Sheena listened to our thoughts and requirements for our home purchase, responded promptly as well as professionally and provided us clear and concise information. She was accommodating in our requests for home viewings and well informed on the properties we seen. If we had questions that she was unable to answer at the time she always contacted us later in timely manner with all the answers. We are moving from a small town in another province, she certainly helped put our minds at ease regarding moving to the city by helping us find a home in a neighborhood that suited the needs of our family. She made the real estate transaction as easy as possible for us. She is absolutely 5 stars professionally, but she is also 5 stars personally as well. Sheena is friendly, kind, and very thoughtful. We definitely would use Sheena as our realtor again and will highly recommend her to anyone looking for a realtor in Edmonton.

Carolyn Brander

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